Sculpture / -600 to -500

Dance at Paros

Print, monochrome 

Conceive in 500 B.C., approximately

Greece, Cyclades, Paros

Two young girls dancing or fleeing

Relief in calcaire 

(85 cm height)

Conceive 505 B.C., approximately 

Metope of the temple of Hera found in the sanctuary of the Silaris, at Foce del Sele. Probably Nereids, dancing or running.


Location: Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Paestum, Italy.

Two maidens in a religious dance scene

Relief (51 cm height)

Conceive 510 B.C., approximately 

From the sanctuary of Demetra Malophoros in Selinonte.

Greece, Italy.

Location: Museo Nazionale, Palermo, Italy.

Female dancers


Conceive 550 B.C., approximately


Location: Italy, Reggio di Calabria, Museo Archeologico

Model of a circular dance of Nymphs with a male aulos-player at the centre

Sculpture, clay statuette (15 x 12 cm diam.)

Concieve 590 B.C., approximately

Detail: All figurines wear a fan-shaped headdress. Modern reconstruction of the composition, restored with plaster of Paris


Location: Archaeological Museum, Lefkada, Greece.

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