Painting / -400 to -350

Girl dances with Satyr on a red-figure Krateriskos vase.
380 B.C. approx.

Girl on a table performs the Oklasma or Persian dance. Boeotian red-figure Kalyx Krater vase.
385 B.C. approx.
The dancer wears a knitted oriental costume with sleeves and trousers. Two female musicians play the aulos and the tambourine.

Woman buffoon dancer.
370 B.C. approx. 

Maiden dancing between naked men.
350 B.C. approx.
Etruscan red-figured stamnos vase, imitation of a Greek original.

Creüsa Painter.
Dionysian scene.
350 B.C. approx.

Three female dancers, one male dancer and one male musician.

350 B.C. approx.
From an Athenian red-figure vase.

350 B.C. approx.
Found in the Northern Necropolis of Samothrace.


Dancing men and women.
350 B.C. approx.
From a black-figure Athenian vase.

Dancing Satyr.
350, approx.
From a black-figure Athenian vase found at Vulci.

Two female dancers and musicians

350, approx.

From an Athenian vase
Location: U.S.A., New Haven

Ancient, Greece

Female acrobatric dancer shooting an arrow with her feet

Painting, white figure on a vase

325, approx.

Location: Berlin

Gnathian Pelike Berlin F 3444, acquired in Naples in the middle of the 19th century

Ancient, Greece

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