Painting / -350 to -300

Aphrodite Painter.
Aphrodite dancing, surrounded by two Eros.
335 B.C. approx.
Terracota amphora.

Vigorous dance by women.
330 B.C. approx.
South-Italian red-figure amphora vase found in Ruvo.

Woman dancing.
325 B.C. approx.
Crater vase in the Gnathia style.

Actor in “fur” costume and woman flutist.
300 B.C. approx.

Whirling dancer with kalathiskos.
300 B.C. approx.

The poet Anacreon of Teos playing the lyre and two young men – dancing?.
300 B.C. approx.
Attic cup found in Vulci, Italy.

Der satyrische Reigen Kordax

(The satyrical dance Kordax).
300 B.C. approx.
From an ancient Greek vase.

Two women dancing among floral decoration, on a Kotylos vase found in Rhodes.

300 B.C. approx.
Found at the excavations of the necropole of Ialyssos, Rhodes (1924-1928).

Woman playing the lyra for three girl pupils.

300 B.C. approx.

Female dancer and male lyra player.
300 B.C. approx.

Male dancers.
300 B.C. approx.

Three young men dancing, one is playing the lyra.
300 B.C. approx.

Seated woman playing the flute for girl dancer.
300 B.C. approx.

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