Dr.Alkis Raftis - Dance Historian, Sociologist, Engineer, Political Sociologist, Manager


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Website curator:         Mr. Alkis Raftis  www.alkisraftis.orchesis-portal.org

Website designer:       Mr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     and        Ms. Anah Sari

Project supervisor:      Ms. Adamantia Angeli

Technical advisors:      Mr. Stamatis Theocharidis & Mr. Stergios Theocharidis

The website project initiated in February 2012. It is an ongoing project carried within the national Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Athens. It contains material from the collections and the library of Alkis Raftis.

Sculpture (reliefs and statues) has not been included as it has been presented in the sister website Dance in Ancient Greek sculpture

This pandect will be complemented by a compiler of texts and images under the title
Ancient Greek Dance revisited. It will contain studies, commentaries, recreations and revivals.

To offer your comments or to ask for high-definition images contact the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre:  www.grdance.org