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Buechler, Karl.
Women dancing, flutist.
650 B.C. approx.
Copy of the decoration on an hydria vase found in the Heraion of Samos. The dance pattern in two rows indicates probably a dancing contest.





Grotesque dancers on a Corinthian pyxis vase.  685 B.C. approx.
The dancers have their bellies and buttocks stuffed under a red dress, a costume that will be later worn by comedians

 Dance scenes on a large Pithamphora vase.
685 B.C. approx.

 Musician between rows of men and women.
650 B.C. approx.
Early Attic hydria found in the Analatos graveyard.



Two women and three disguised men follow a lyre (kithara?) player.
650 B.C. approx.
Decoration on the back of a breastplate, found at Olympia.



Dancer on a boat, holding sticks.

620 B.C. approx.


Dancers and flutist, on an early Attic loutrophoros amphore vase.
620 B.C. approx.