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Sculpture / 3rd Century BC

Figurine of a male dancer or acrobat, wearing a helmet-like hat

Statuette in terracotta and clay (23.5 cm height)

225 B.C., approximately.

Influence from Asia Minor. The man holds something in his right hand and probably a similar object in his left hand too. Found in Amphipolis, in a cemetery grave. 

Location: Greece, Amphipolis, Archaeological Museum





Figurine of a dancing girl

Terracotta figurines with ceramic (27.2 cm height)

250 B.C., approximately


Location: U.S.A., Maryland, Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery.





Couple dancing

Terracotta figurine

250 B.C., approximately






Female dancer with possible basket on her head

Figurine in terracota

250 B.C., approximately






Girl dancing

Figurine in terracotta and ceramic.

250 B.C., approximately

Found at Tarentum, Italy

Location: U.S.A., New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.





Female dancer

 Figurines in terracotta and ceramic (12.5 cm)

250 B.C., approximately


Location: U.S.A., Maryland, Baltimore, Walters Art Gallery.






Dancing flutist

Sculpture on gold

250 B.C., approximately. 

Product of a Greek workshop of the Hellenistic period, discovered in the neighbourhood of Menjνbar, Jaén, Spain. Young flutist dancing to the music of his "diavlos" (double flute). An exceptional speciment because it is one of the very few statuettes on Greece. 

Location: Spain, Madrid, Museo Làzaro Galdiano





Figurine of a dancing girl looking at her lifted right arm

Statuette in clay and terracotta (20 cm height)

265 B.C., approximately 

Found in the grave of a female in Thessaloniki. Mended and partially restored. Draped in a chiton and a short himation, the dancer seems to execute a turn. Greece

Location: Greece, Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum.





Figurines of female dancers

Statuette in clay

285B.C., approximately


Found at Abdera, Thrace

Location: Greece, Thrave, Abdera.





Dancing Niké

Relief,in silver

290 B.C., approximately 

Art of the Great Greece of Southern Italy 

Location: Switzerland, Basel, Collection Robert Kaeppe





Female dancer


300 B.C., approximately

Italy, Magna Grecia, Greece





Beotian dancer, tanagra

Statuette in terracotta

300 B.C., approximately 

From Boeotia, Greece. The work bears traces of painting. Greece, Boeotia

Location: Germany, Munich, Antikensammlung





Gold plaque with two female dancers

Relief on gold

300 B.C., approximately 

From the royal tomb of Kul-Oba, near Kerc in Crimea. Greece

Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Hermitage Museum